The Chosen Spokesmen

It is easy to see majority of the Fox news commentators are conservatives. But for the most part, news is supposed to be non-bias, but it seems Fox didn’t get that memo. We have gotten to point now where the White House and Fox news are throwing jabs back and forth. There was news that Fox news was one of the last to post on their site Obama as President after the elections, I think even TMZ called the elections before they did. Now I am not sure what the angle is with Fox news, but the angle they are taking at the moment is that of sore losers. I spend a lot of time roaming the big 4 as I like to call it, CNN, ABC news, CBS news, and Fox news. But when you go on Fox it seems they usually have something on Obama to try to paint him as unfit. Acorn, the Olympics, Stimulus Fund, Health Care Reform, Obama talking to schools kid and etc. Now the other sites talk about these same issues, but it seems Fox always takes a negative spin on all issues involving Obama. To a point that’s still fine, but now you have Fox News commentators taking it to the next level.

One commentator called Obama a raciest and that he hates white people, because of the issue that happened with the Harvard professor and the cop. Let’s not let the fact that his wife is black and that his skin is a little darker cloud our judgment. To me Obama is whiter than he is black. He was raised by a white mother and later by his white Grand Parents.  He spent limited amount of time with his black Father.  Growing up he dated white women. And for the same guys who call him a racist are also the same guys who say Obama began his Presidential Campaign in William Ayers home, who by the way is white.  Another Fox commentator said Michelle Obama should be involved in a Lynching Party, “WOW”.  It got so bad that one of their commentators lost some of his advertisers. There should be no place for such non-sense in the news. If you dislike the man’s politics because he is a democrat and you aren’t then that’s fine. But right now this is hitting below the belt. Not only do some of this guys sound like idiots, they are coming off as racist.  What they don’t understand is Obama won the Minority vote, because they finally see a man who resembles them. A guy who possibly during his younger years was picked on for having a darker skin, someone who has probably been called racial names. He was raised by a single parent. You know issues that minorities sometimes deal with on a daily basis. So when they attack his politics and then the man, it is like Fox News is choosing to pick a fight with the Minority Groups in America and that’s not a smart move. The GOP as they sit already gets a bad vibe for being a party that just represents the good ol boys. The younger generation feels left out and so does minorities. But when you have spokes people like Rush, saying things like, this is Obama’s America because on a school bus some black kids beat up a white kid, insinuating Obama is all about white kids being beat up by blacks. Or Fox News going out of their way to find all sort of negative news to dis-credit Obama as being the President or it’s employee speaking without thinking, well then if the GOP on the next set of Elections still can’t get the younger crowd or minorities on their side, then they know who is responsible.

President Bush didn’t get this type of attacks, even though he came in when the country had Trillions in surplus, now we are the United States sponsored by China.  More American Kids have died in Iraq than September 11. We have spent at least 1 Trillion in a war in Iraq we shouldn’t have been in, the recession, taking oversight away from Banks and other big companies, so they can stick it to the middleman, and for all their good work, he gave them TARP.  Which by the way a lot of the companies who received that money don’t have to pay back. So if Bush never got the shaft from Fox news then why is Obama?  That’s a question I can’t answer, but one thing is clear, the more they attack the Man, instead of his politics they will be one of many reasons people will stray away from the GOP.


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