The Palin Approach

Sarah Palin has to be one of the smartest people in America these days. Now during the Presidential election I was not sold on her. Due to the little amount of publicity she received in her state of Alaska, being on the main stage was a big change for her. I am not sure who was to blame for that, but she was a candidate who was not ready. Not being ready shouldn’t be a problem for Sarah now. When she retired from her post a lot of people took a swipe at her, but I thought that was a genius move.  I had no problem with her quitting her job when her sights are set on the White House. So far she is playing the same card Obama did, traveling around the country, even abroad, she is on twitter, wrote a book and right now since she is not a public servant she is doing things to get her name in every household. Simply put, Brilliant. While Obama is currently being criticized by everybody these days, she is just gliding through, and using this opportunity to feel the tone of the American people.She traveled to China and gave a speech there and was widely accepted and welcomed. She is currently campaigning on behalf of her GOP colleagues and she has also been on record as saying, she will campaign for Independents and Democrats if they share the same belief. This is a change from the Sarah we were introduced to late into the presidential elections last year. You know the Sarah who got embarrassed by Katie Couric, Mrs. I can see Russia from my back yard. This Sarah looks real confident and right now, she seems to be gaining a lot of fans to be the first female President of the United States. I am not saying if she ran she will win, lets not forget she will still need to win her Primary in her Party and I won’t be surprised to see one or two of her GOP counter-parts attack her with the fact that she quit her job as the Governor of Alaska, has a daughter who has a child out of wedlock, got into war of words with her grandson’s dad, and etc. I would like to see how far she gets, but personally for me unless she tweaks her politics, she might still have some trouble grabbing the White House in 2012.

For Sarah to win the White House, she will have to do something no Republican president has done in a while and that’s to get some minority vote. Close to 80% if not more of Minorities voted for Obama. Now some voted for him because he was black and some because he made sense and he was what the current times needed. For the most part most Minorities are a cross between Independent and Democrats. So to win in 2012, Sarah will have to grab their vote. I think for the most part, the white population is probably split with 50 percent being Republican, 40 being Democrats and 10 percent being independents. So for Palin to win this, she already has about 50 percent of white people in the bank, now she has some work to do on the rest and this is where her approach comes into play. She has at least 2 years to sell herself to those groups her and Mc Cain lost to last year. But no matter her approach grabbing the minority vote is still going to be a tough one. And if health reform passes and does exactly what Obama says it will do, which is keep insurance companies honest, put them in a situation where they can’t deny any American health insurance and help insure 30 to 40 million plus Americans who don’t currently have health insurance. Then simply put she and any other Republican will have a steep hill to climb.


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